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Flea Control

Homemade Flea Repellent

One of the safest items to use is lemon juice.  

Giving the k-9 a bath in lemon joy dish soap will kill all fleas that are on the dog.  You can also add a few drops of Eucalyptus oil into the mixture to repel fleas.  

Dr Michael Fox in one of his articles he tells of using lemon juice to repels ticks, fleas and other insects. Make up your own mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Then spray the k-9 lightly daily.

To keep fleas off of pets or kids when they are outside, thin slice a lemon or lime (complete with peels) into two cups of water. Heat the water to boiling and let sit overnight. Sponge the child or pet in the morning with the lemon scented water, and let it dry. It will soothe the skin, smell really nice, and keep the fleas off for about 1/2 a day.

 Another repellent is vinegar. Put some in your bath water before going outside in tick infested areas. It will repel chiggers as well.   You may smell like a pickle but you will not have ticks or chiggers on you.

A medication I use for chigger bites is Vick's Vapor Rub - rub on the bite area. It will stop the itching and heal up the sore place.

Removing ticks:

Put some liquid soap over the tick and let set for a couple minutes. Then take a tissue and place over the tick and remove it by lifting it from the bite area.

 If you kill the insect after he bites the dog you are not protecting him from diseases transmitted by the tick, fleas or even flies, so it is best to repel the insects as well as to kill them.

Some of the things following this are some great tips on protecting and killing the insects that carry tick fever, Lyme and other diseases

Eucalyptus Leaves

We use around our kennel eucalyptus oil that we get from the pharmacy or health food store. We mix mineral oil and eucalyptus in a fifty, fifty mixture. Then put it in a mist spray bottle and spray it around our kennel. You can put a few drops in a bottle lid and set it out where you having a cook out. It will keep all flying insects away from your area. You may need to use three or four lids setting around to be effective.

 Another way is using eucalyptus leaves. You can get them at any craft store. For some reason the fleas and flying insects, including mosquitoes, do not like the smell of it.


Borax is great for fleas. It is not toxic and you can sprinkle it on your carpet. Let it sit for a few days and then vacuum it up. You can sprinkle it around the fence of your yard too. Another house hold item is salt. Like the borax, simply sprinkle it around on your carpets, in stuffed chairs, couches or even your kennel where the k-9s sleep.  

Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

 I have not tried this but I am sure it will work for you. An inexpensive way to rid your yard of fleas is to sprinkle DE all over the yard. You can buy a large bag for just a few dollars at any swimming pool supply store. It is used normally as part of the filtration system for swimming pools. (Before using, please check to see if the DE is safe for your k-9.)

Cedar Chips as Repellent 

Putting cedar chips along your fence line will keep the fleas from other people's yards out of your yard, as cedar repels fleas. We place cedar chips in our dogs bedding. One trainer uses cedar chips put inside a cloth bag and is placed where the dog is sleeping. I have not had a k-9 to chew the bag once the chips are inside it.

Natural Herbal Control        

A man who had bird dogs and his wife was a student in plant sciences. They found that planting tansy (an herb) around the dogs' pens kept the problem in check. Their children played in the same yard as the dogs. And they were not bitten at all. Maybe this would be a safe and effective way to solve the flea problem. And hopefully not be harmful to the k-9 or people. Make sure and check to see if the TANSY plant is toxic to the k-9  before using it.

Flea Trap

At night you can put a dinner plate on the floor (preferably in the room with the worst flea problem) and put a drop of dish soap in some water on the plate. Put a night light on above the plate. The fleas are attracted to the light and jump on the plate. Use dish soap with lemon in it mixed with the water.  Water alone they can jump off of but with the soap mixed in the water it kills the fleas. If this is done for several nights eventually all the fleas will be gone unless more are brought in. Use this inside your kennels walk ways or in your home.

Some information taken from the Internet.  

Fleas and mosquitoes are dangerous pests. They continue sucking blood even when full, because their larva feed on the blood that they pass with their stool. Fleas carry tapeworms, and a bad infestation can cause serious loss of blood. Puppies and kittens can die from flea caused anemia.

Any insecticide you use will be absorbed through your skin and the animal's skin, and be breathed by you, the kids, and the animal. Sometimes fleas are resistant to a lot of the insecticides. The ones that work are either really strong or act as hormones, with unknown long term effects on people. The repellents described here is much safer than using the poisons that is being sold to use  on our pets...

 Lemon grass (also called citronella, available from Asian markets) would probably work even better. I use commercial citronella based insect repellents to keep off ticks, mosquitoes, and other biters when hiking. It seems to work as good as DEET, but is safe and smells nice. It only lasts about 2 hours. A weak solution of eucalyptus oil and/or pennyroyal oil also works, but may irritate the skin.

We have found that outside fleas get on the dogs and cats, come into the house on them, jump off and die. We have almost no fleas in the house or yard (we do not spread poisons on our yard), and we take our dogs hiking once or twice a week.

A dust treatment once a year works for us but we treated twice the first year.

If you are having a hard time of killing the fleas out go to the site that sells  Precore 2000. That is what the professionals use. 

 Get rid of fleas with Precor 2000 -   Be safe with your k-9 in treating them for insect prevention. Check all ingredients out with your vet before using on your pet

Update 01/20/11:   I have been using Comfortis to treat my adult dogs for fleas.  It seems to be an effective method.  You can obtain Comfortis from your vet.  It is a tablet you give to the dog once monthly.   It is expensive, however, in the long run, it is worth it, in my opinion.

Cindy McCord 

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