Socializing Puppies

A puppy's first few months of life is a critical time for socialization, especially for the white german shepherd dog.   The first 12 weeks of life is when the puppy will develop important habits and learn how to get along with people and other animals.   

At Arkansas White Shpeherds we socialize our puppies from the day of birth.   We expose the puppies to adults, children and other animals.  The puppies are brought into the house to become accustomed to the common noises in a home, such as the dishwasher running, washer/dryer, TV, radio and vacume sweeper noises.  As well as the different terrains in a home... carpet and wood flooring.   We play with the puppies as well as allow supervised play with the other dogs in our family.  They are taught to use a doggie door in their dog house and kennel.  They are exposed to different terrains outside as well... grass, cedar flooring, gravel, dirt road.  

We strive to socialize our puppies to make them great pets for their new families! 


Arkansas & Missouri White Shepherds
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Arkansas & Missouri White Shepherds

Located in the War Eagle, AR area                   

White German Shepherd Puppies

            Gracey/Samson Litter due January 25, 2014

Ready for new homes in
Late March 2014

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Hornbeck's Gracey Girl


AKC #: DN17842603
Gracey is a beautiful white shepherd whelped from Hornbeck's White Beauty and Hornbeck's White Angel of Missouri White Shepherds. Gracey has a great personality - is very affectionate and smart. She is a loving pet and protective of me. She loves to run and play. When visitors (people or animals) she will go find one of her stuffed animals and offer that to our guests. (Of course it is only a temporary offer tho - she does want it back!) Gracey is a medium coat length white german shepherd and loves to be brushed! She generally throws a long-coated puppy in each of her litter of puppies. 


Hornbeck's Gracey Girl

In honor of my Father - James W. Hornbeck, who passed away 7/12/09 -
I have donated
 this puppy to Mindy for Search & Rescue

Mindy & McCord's Grace

My Granddaughter Annabelle (2 1/2 years old) and my Daughter Heather ... playing with puppies.  This was Annabelle's first time in the whelping kennel. 


Arkansas White Shepherds came to be in early 2007. My white shepherds are AKC registered and very much a part of my family. The enjoy both a large fenced yard and being inside the house at night & during bad weather.

My goal in breeding is to provide an well adjusted, social puppy that is a high quality pet - one that will be loveable and adapts easily to your home. My puppies are socialized with both children and adults and conditioned to make excellant thearpy dogs that can be taken into nursing homes or hospitals for pet therapy.

Jim Hornbeck of Missouri White Shepherds (Hornbeck's Kennels) of Springfield, MO - was my father and my mentor. Sadly he passed away on July 12, 2009. His passing is a great loss to the canine training world! I am very priviledged that he shared his extensive knowledge of dogs and his experience in training with me. His dream was to leave a legacy behind, which I think he was successful in. It is my hopes to make him proud as I carry on the work he started.

Arkansas White Shepherd's family consists of:

Gracey {Hornbeck's Gracey Girl} - Female - Whelped April 26, 2007

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